What Does the USCIS Case Status “Case Rejected” Mean for My VAWA Application?

In a Nutshell

The USCIS case status “Case Rejected” means that you didn't file your immigration paperwork correctly, so USCIS did not review your case. If USCIS rejects your VAWA case, you’ll need to fix the issue that caused the rejection so the agency will continue processing your application. Common issues that lead to rejection include filing the incorrect form version, sending your form to the wrong address, and not signing a form. If you see the “Case Rejected” status on your USCIS account, you’ll need to refile your application to move forward with your immigration application. If you aren’t sure how to correct the mistake after reading this article, you may want to contact an attorney for help with your case.

Written by ImmigrationHelp Team
Written February 2, 2023

My USCIS Case Status Says “Case Rejected.” What Does That Mean for My VAWA Application?

“Case Rejected” means that there is some kind of issue with your VAWA application or Form I-360: Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant. Because you may have done something incorrectly during your application process, USCIS has not yet reviewed your case to determine if you qualify for the immigration benefit. You will need to take the next steps to resume your application by fixing your mistake and resubmitting your application. 

Your USCIS account will show a specific status that explains why your case was rejected. Here are some examples of statuses you may encounter: 

  • Case Was Rejected Because It Was Improperly Filed: You mailed your form to the wrong USCIS address. 

  • Case Rejected Because The Version Of The Form I Sent Is No Longer Accepted: You filed an old version of the form USCIS no longer uses. 

  • Case Was Rejected Because I Did Not Sign My Form: You did not sign your application form. 

  • Case Rejected For Form Not Signed And Incorrect Form Version: There was a combination of issues. You did not sign the application form and you used an old form version. 

Does the Case Status “Case Rejected” Mean the Same Thing as “Case Denied”?

No, “Case Rejected” and “Case Denied” do not mean the same thing. “Case Rejected” means that there was some kind of issue with your application and you need to refile. “Case Denied” means that USCIS has reviewed your application and decided that you do not qualify. 

While it can be discouraging to encounter “Case Rejected,” there is still an opportunity to fix your application and reapply! USCIS will give you a notice describing the problem with your application. By understanding this notice, you can fix the issue and resubmit. 

On the other hand, “Case Denied” means USCIS decided you do not qualify for VAWA status. This is more difficult for you to address by yourself. If you believe USCIS made a mistake, you should seek legal advice about how to appeal your case or find another pathway to legal status.

What Should I Do if My USCIS Case Status Says “Case Rejected” for My VAWA Case?

USCIS may reject your VAWA application for a variety of reasons. Your case status will explain the reason why your application was rejected. The following sections explain the next steps you should take to address the specific reason your case was rejected. 

Case Was Rejected Because It Was Improperly Filed

For VAWA applications, Form I-360 should be sent to the Vermont Service Center. The Vermont Center address is listed on USCIS’ list of Direct Filing Addresses for Form I-360 under the section “Self-Petitioning Abused Spouse, Child, or Parent.” Regardless if the abuser is a green card holder or U.S. citizen or if you are filing Form I-485: Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status at the same time, you should mail your application to the Vermont Service Center. USCIS also specifies which mail carriers to use on this page. 

Case Rejected Because the Version of the Form I Sent Is No Longer Accepted 

You may have submitted a previous and outdated version of Form I-360 for your VAWA application. USCIS specifies the most recent edition date of Form I-360 on its site under “Edition Date.” Check to make sure this date is the same date listed at the bottom of your application form and instructions. If necessary, you can also download a new version of the form and refill it out. 

Case Was Rejected Because I Did Not Sign My Form

USCIS will reject your VAWA application if you do not properly sign it. Check every part of your Form I-360 and make sure you signed where required. You can then resubmit your application to USCIS. 

Case Rejected for Form Not Signed and Incorrect Form Version

In this case, your VAWA application has two issues. First, you did not properly sign your form and second, you used an outdated form version. You should read over the two sections above to fix both problems. Check to make sure your form lines up with the current “Edition Date” USCIS requires or download an updated version and fill it out. Then, make sure you have signed in all places USCIS requires. 

Where in the VAWA Application Process Might I See “Case Rejected” as My Status?

For VAWA status, you will need to fill out Form I-360, gather the appropriate supporting evidence, and then mail your packet to USCIS. There is no fee for filing Form I-360 as a VAWA petitioner. After submitting your application, you may then receive the “Case Rejected” status if USCIS finds something wrong with your application.

If you aren’t clear on how to fix the issue USCIS lists in your notice, you may want to seek out an immigration attorney’s help.

When Should I Contact an Immigration Attorney About My VAWA Case?

Whether or not you need an immigration lawyer’s advice depends on your specific case and how complicated your case status is. For example, if your case status says “Case Was Rejected Because I Did Not Sign My Form,” and you can easily find where you forgot to sign to fix the problem, you probably do not need an attorney’s help to refile.

How Can I Track USCIS Case Status Changes?

It’s crucial to be aware of your case status changes to know when you need to take action on your application. For example, if you see “Case Rejected,” you will need to fix your VAWA application and resubmit. After reapplying, the following case statuses will alert you to your application’s ongoing progress. These statuses will let you know if USCIS needs anything from you, such as additional evidence, or if you need to attend certain appointments, such as for biometrics. Usually, you will also receive a notice by mail that will provide you with additional information. 

You can find your case status by logging in through USCIS’ online tracker. Enter the 13-digit receipt number from the notice of receipt you received after first submitting your application. The online tracker will then show you your current case status.