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My husband Paco has been either voluntarily removed or deported, I am not really sure what the difference is. He's in Mexico right now with his sick mother. I need help learning how to bring him back the legal way. I don't want any more problems. He lived in the USA for over 20 years. He's been married before and has a 11 year old son for which he is supposed to pay child support, but does not do. He has had some trouble with the law (DUI), but other than that he's not a bad person at all.

Right now he's home in Mexico taking care of his sick mother who has had a stroke. I visited him in Mexico not too long time ago and their living conditions are terrible. They are broke and does not have any money. He has two sisters that live here and have their papers but they can only help so much. My husband is one of the youngest children in his family, and it is hard for him to see his mother so helpless. I need someone to help us. We are broke and do not have a lot of money. He can hardly pay my bills, and I have the same problem. We've been together for 8 years and married for 4. I'm afraid that we may never be able to see each other again!

Also, his mother does not get the help she needs. I really just need someone who would be willing to help and tell me what I can do to help my extended family in Mexico. I had a good trip, but I can see why they would want to live there. People in general shouldn't judge these people for wanting to do better for themselves! There are US citizens who have great opportunities but choose not to take them in my opinion, but they get angry at immigrants that are supposedly taking everything away from them - when they have the greatest opportunity to do something themselves. It is their own fault for not stepping up getting better educations - not the foreigners. Foreigners are just doing what lazy Americans won't do for themselves. Americans have been taking advantage of the system for years, long before immigrants. I don't know what to do to help my husband. So please someone help me, if you can.

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